Highlights of the 4th Annual Public Policy Conference

On September 19, 2018, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies conducted the 4th Annual Public Policy Conference on the theme "Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Creating Our Future Today". Watch this video which captures some of the highlights and sidelights of the conference.

PIDS: 41 Years of Service Through Policy Research

Through the years, PIDS has been engaged in the conduct of policy-oriented studies to assist policymakers in crafting development policies, plans, and programs that are based on sound research evidence. Know more about who we are and what we do in this short video.

Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Creating Our Future Today

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIRe) is gaining ground in different parts of the world. It is time for the Philippines to embrace it. To harness the opportunities and mitigate the risks emerging from the FIRe, cross-sectoral collaboration and a whole-of-government approach, guided by policy research and inputs from stakeholders, are what we need to CREATE OUR FUTURE NOW.

Development Policy Research Month 2018

The DPRM aims to promote nationwide awareness on the importance of policy research in the formulation of policies, plans, and programs. It also aims to cultivate a strong culture of research and research use among decisionmakers and raise the public's literacy on socioeconomic issues.

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